4 Common Mistakes That Could Be KILLING Your Conversion Rates

May 30, 2012

4 Common Mistakes Killing Conversion Rate1. Set it and Forget It

It is easy to do; we just file it away and hope they turn into a good lead and come back in with more questions that we can then now qualify them as a better candidate. We file the lead away and think about the big numbers and not thing about what we should which is to develop high quality candidates in the funnel.

25% of customers are ready to buy right at that moment they come in to your page. This may sound really go to close 25% of all your sales opportunities but what is really happening is you’re missing out on 75% of your sales opportunities. So our suggestion is to stop filing these leads away and focus efforts on moving them through the sales cycle with Lead Nurturing.

2. Not Recognizing the Value of Marketing Automation Tools

Automation tools can make your lead-nurturing campaign very valuable by personalizing your marketing efforts. The better your information is about your leads site behavior both on-site and off-site the better the lead nurturing properly directed will turn your lead list into personalized conversations. Automation tools do both of these things very well. The goal should be to collect more information to better target you communications. The better targeted your communications the better chance you will be able to turn a lead into a customer. Sounds simple but using someone that has experience in this can save you a great amount of time.

3. Repeated Bad Timing

Timing is everything in sales. It your blog post or email blast hits someone at the right time, you will get a fish on the line. If it isn’t at the right time then you get an unsubscribe email request and you lost someone’s interest. Timing is about getting it right. So here are a few tips to make it the most probable of timing.

  • Test your frequency rate. Change it up.
  • Use automation tools to send the right info at the sales cycle right time.
  • Check the networks and social monitor so you know what prospective clients are looking for and Monitor competitors.
  • Use a proven CRM tool to keep notes about customer critical time related events they schedule. For instance, if they do their PO’s on the last Tuesday of the month contact them on that day.

4. Not Capitalizing on your Best Offers

Your best offers and announced deals should be on your front page, or on social media accounts, blogs, and marketing material. Have your material sent with timing to you best leads and those closest to purchasing at the right time. You must commit time and technology to the plan. If you don’t know how to execute the correct plan to nurture your campaign then consider outsourcing the job.

What do YOU think?

I'd like to hear from you -- what website conversion mistakes have you either witnessed or made that you can share here in the comments? 

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