Is your sales team missing out on prospective buyers' signals?

September 3, 2013

Ahhh, the art and science of buyer behavior.

Watching a prospective buyer from across a board room table -- their eyes, their gestures, mannerisms and body language, either with you or against you -- seems downright predictable compared to what many companies face selling and generating new business online.  

What if those same "buying signals" were available to your sales people who are tasked with selling from leads generated online?

  • What are the signals prospects send you that your sales team is missing?
  • What if you could solve the timing puzzle -- and always contact the prospect at just the "right time"?
  • Does your team know what to ask next of their prospective buyers? 

The behavior of prospects is both an art and a science that can be puzzling, but thanks to emerging technology, we can now give businesses the know-how of 20+ years of sales and marketing experience, coupled with new "sales intelligence" tools and real-time data which can open doors for any business that needs to bring in more customers from their website and online presence.

Signals-blog-image-hubspotThere are certain actions that indicate when a prospect is ready to buy. We call these "buying signals." The identification of these signals early on can save time in the sales process and shorten the sales cycle for most prospective buyers. A sense for "good timing" is much needed inherent advantage for any sales team, which in turn provides opportunities to focus on real and serious prospects, who demonstrate their qualifications through their behavior (revisiting your site, downloading your latest ebook, etc.)

With assistance from the new product development team at HubSpot, we now have access to information from millions of contacts across thousands of websites. We have jointly uncovered key buying signals to monitor that will put you ahead of your competition. Most of your competitors don’t have access to this data, nor are they able to provide instant notification of "sales intelligence" events.

Any modern email company can tell you which prospects are opening up emails, but what about which telling a specific sales rep WHICH prospect is back on your site, downloading your pricing sheet, in real-time? That's much harder to do... but it's now possible.

Enabling your sales team to focus their follow up with those that are interested saves time and unlocks real value.


If you are serious about converting prospects into customers, implement the tools that unlock sales intelligence and bring in more prospects with the best chance of converting to paying customers or clients.

Benefits of unlocking Buyer Signals include:

  1. Closing more sales - Use sales' time on qualified prospects and higher value customers.
  2. Identify lost opportunities - Uncover a staffing need or deficiency that is affecting the success of your sales cycle.
  3. Understand and avoid negative buying signal behavior - Every prospect has a buying cycle and some businesses don't know how long they should nurture that relationship, and when to call it quits.
  4. Upgrade the dialogue between sales and prospects - arm your team with intelligent conversation starters based on buyer behavior.

What do you think?

What are the inherent benefits of a solution like this in your organization? What are the risks? What kind of training is needed to make sure sales people don't overreach and end up "freaking out" those with which they are trying to build trust and gain acceptance? 

We'd love to see your comments and questions. Please feel free to leave them below. 

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