Website Credibility Factors

September 8, 2017 David Carpenter

I saw an excellent Infographic on Website Magazine and wanted to share it here, as it really brings home important points about establishing TRUST FACTORS. Take a close look at the section on Content and Blogging factors, as well as Page and User Experience Factors.

What we do on page, how we represent ourselves, speaks volumes to prospective customers about how a business is run and how trustworthy they are to work with. Anyway, a lot of thought went into its design and it needs to be shared far and wide. 

One factor the author may have missed is website speed. If a website takes longer than 3-4 seconds to load, especially on mobile, a visitor becomes much more likely to abandon. If they do have the time and interest to wait, as their patience drains, their skepticism increases. That's what we've found.

If you're curious about how your site fares in important area, Google has an extremely helpful tool to measure your mobile page load and user experience that I highly recommend. 



See the Infographic on its original source on Website Magazine.

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