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August 15, 2017 Doug Milnor

website.jpgConnection Model is a fluid digital marketing agency focused on helping clients build their businesses. Through inbound marketing Connection Model has set an industry standard by generating revenue, generating qualified leads, and enhancing social media marketing strategies. By targeting specific prospects already interested in what our clients have to offer, we have optimized SEO, business blogging, and life-cycle marketing via email. 

Now, we have decided to up the game even further. We have launched our new website with optimized features and the best offerings in social media management, website design, and content creation for all our clients' business needs.

The Client Comes First

Connection Model has always placed their clients' interests ahead of our own. Since we opened our doors, we have built 100's of new websites, either from scratch or migrated an old site to a better, more responsive platform.  Our goal is to make sure our clients have the newest technologies and are informed of upcoming trends, so they can stay ahead of the competition. As new developments in digital marketing continue to appear, we make sure our clients are the first to know so they can keep their businesses innovative and current. This holistic approach to digital marketing is one of the reasons our clients are so satisfied with our services. 

In the process of making sure the client always comes first, we have neglected to apply those same principles to our own business. It was time to practice what we preach. In an effort to stay innovative ourselves, we have designed a new website that showcases all that we have to offer. We are the same digital marketing experts our clients have learned to trust, but now we have integrated new technologies within our website and business model so we can help our clients even more.

A Better Website Design to Better Serve Our Clients

The updated website will do more than attract new clients; it will serve our existing clients in new ways. It will act as an informational hub between us and our clients. Users will now be able to access more of the website and our knowledge base with ease as well as enjoy our timely and informative blog articles. The new design will also show clients how we can help them manage their accounts, look into website and content creation options, and create a digital brand through social media. 

Databox-1.pngThrough our dashboard offering we can pull information from up to 40 data sources, and run the metrics our clients require. We make it easy to view metrics concerning consumption, sharing, lead generation, sales, and other analytic tools. Our clients can rely on real time reporting and learn how to maximize ROI. We make it possible for our clients to experience the ability to reach across different devices and find which marketing campaign is best for each type of device or platform. 

Core Services

Our clients don’t just want a regular campaign, they want a campaign that is innovative, fresh, and that will move their business forward. They don’t want to compete with competitors, but lead the pack in their industry. Other companies look to our clients to see how to do things right. Connection Model’s core services model promotes this effect in the best possible way. We have taken several services and broken them down into four basic models to better fit our clients’ needs. Here's an overview of these core services:

  • Paid Media- We can build a lead generation platform through Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more to leverage algorithms and AI marketing. This helps to remove the guesswork from which one platform is the best tool. Through this media storm we can target the right consumers and, in conjunction with interactive email technologies, get the right messages to the right audiences.
  • Website Design – There is no need to look at an existing website and think it is time to start over. We can revamp that website and use existing website traffic to create more demand and more conversions. We have the professionals to build websites from scratch and enhance an overall image or to create a better customer experience. Download our Ebook and learn "The 7 Secrets of Improving Traffic Through Effective Website Redesign."
  • Digital Brand Management – We help clients redefine who they are, and get their brand noticed by the rest of the world. By connecting to social media sites we create organic link sharing, profiles across multiple social platforms, and use SEO news releases and blogs to increase brand growth. This path increases a consistency in brand growth across multiple platforms and devices.
  • Content Creation – Creative content is a must for any business to grow. We use organic content that always meets the requirements of our clients, and tools like blogs, interviews, polls, calculators, and infographics to get messages from the client to the consumer. Through an integral web of content management, we can bring more customers to businesses, and increase email subscriber rates. Once customers are willing to see what our clients have to say, then we follow up with more intricate tools to create a solid client-consumer relationship.

Inbound marketing is a rising trend in business. More tools are being developed across multiple platforms with the increase in popularity of the cloud and the effectiveness of inbound marketing.  The practices we developed at the early stage of Connection Model are still very active, but they are now grouped in more precise dimensions allowing us to streamline the processes and give clients better access with better tools - and the reporting to ensure you are making sound business decisions to maximize ROI.

Although every period in a technology lifecycle is called a trend, inbound marketing is more than a passing trend. It is a business lifestyle that continues to evolve as more technologies are introduced. Modern technology provides the tools need to make it easier to create organic content, blogs, and link building, and we offer the best tools to our clients as they migrate to newer business practices in and out of the cloud. 

We will now pass everything we learned from upgrading our site and our approaches to our clients. We have new video techniques and interactive email that has opened new horizons to us and our customers. We will continue to keep up to date on the latest technologies and pass the best findings to our clients. Our website may have changed, but we still believe fully that our clients always come first.

Contact us and find out more about our services.

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