Reality Check: Working With a Digital Marketing Agency Can Save You Time and Money

May 16, 2016 Doug Milnor

Quick question: How much extra time do you have each day? If your automatic answer is "none", you are not alone. Business moves at an incredible pace, and you may find yourself struggling every day to handle just the bare minimum tasks which must be performed to keep your business running smoothly.

In this frenetic environment, effective digital marketing can be quite difficult. By its nature, digital marketing is about capturing the moment, perceiving trending topics and using them to attract your audience. It is about managing campaigns across multiple platforms that are segmented according to audience behaviors and contextual cues. In other words, it is complicated.



A realistic appraisal may reveal that it is time to work with a digital marketing expert.

Does that mean that you should hesitate to use digital marketing methods? Absolutely not. What it does mean, however, is that you may benefit from some help to get your digital marketing efforts up and running in the right direction.

What a Digital Marketing Agency Can Provide

This help comes in the form of a professional digital marketing agency. What can an agency really provide that you may not be getting with an in-house marketing team? Consider the following benefits:

1) A good digital marketing agency stays on top of current marketing trends.

Forbes' "Why Digital Marketing Trends May Require You to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency" states: "The digital marketing world is ever fluid, always dynamic and never dull ... This is in part due to the emergence of new trends that are fundamentally changing the way marketers and brands reach out to potential customers. This changing landscape is essentially urging all players to step outside their comfort zone in order to attract high quality leads."

As an example of one of these new trends, consider the case of Snapchat. CIO's "Why Snapchat is the Next Big Thing in Digital Marketing" reports that, although Snapchat may be a small social network at present, its 100 million daily users watch a surprising 8 billion videos a day. That is roughly the same number of daily video views that Facebook reports. The article observes: "Any service that runs parallel to Facebook on key engagement metrics is bound to attract marketers, and sure enough, marketing pros of all kinds are taking notice of Snapchat."

Did you know that? You can be sure that your digital marketing agency knows it.

Just as your primary focus is on your business and trends that affect it, a digital marketing agency's primary focus is on staying abreast of trends in the digital marketplace. It is your agency's job to know what is happening, what is hot, and what is not. And more importantly, whether a hot new idea makes sense for your business in generating a positive ROI.  An agency takes time to know what is going on because it is their job to do so. Failure to keep abreast of current marketing trends would put your agency out of business in a hurry.

2) A good digital marketing agency provides expertise in omnichannel marketing.

In addition to staying current with marketing trends, a good digital marketing agency provides a level of expertise that you may not have in-house. For instance, a digital agency will likely have SEO experts, PPC experts, website design experts, and so on.

Working with a digital marketing agency gives you access to a deep bench of talent across all the marketing platforms that are relevant to your business. Hiring that level of expertise in-house is cost-prohibitive for most companies. Thus, working with an agency saves you money by providing professionals with a skill set to which you might not otherwise have access.

3) A good digital marketing agency keeps a constant hand on your campaigns.

Digital marketing is not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor. An agency will constantly track your campaigns, monitoring and adjusting them as needed. While the agency focuses on your campaigns, you can focus on what you do best, your business.

Agencies understand the language of marketing analytics, and can help you see patterns and trends that inform future marketing decisions. A good digital marketing agency can translate data into actionable insights and provide you with expert advice coupled with evidence. Like trackers in the Old West, your digital marketing agency can read the lay of the land and design optimized campaigns to attract and convert leads.

This means that an agency can help you use your marketing dollars more effectively, and can streamline your campaigns and marketing processes to save time as well. By eliminating strategies that are not working and adding strategies that do work, agencies craft campaigns that net a positive ROI.


Ready to save time and money? Work with a digital marketing agency!

The Bottom Line

Working with a digital marketing agency saves you time and money. A good digital agency keeps abreast of current trends, uses marketing analytics to inform campaign design, provides a deep bench of talent for a fraction of the cost of a comparable in-house team, and keeps a laser focus on the performance of your campaigns across multiple platforms.

Are you ready to see what a skilled digital marketing agency can do to energize your marketing campaigns? Contact us to request an assessment today.

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