5 Ways a Digital Marketing Agency Boosts Your Brand

April 27, 2016 Doug Milnor

Does someone in your business have expertise in SEO? Are you well-versed in the variety of social media platforms by which to distribute your brand to a global audience? Do you understand how to get the most from Google AdWords and PPC campaigns? Are you confident in your content marketing efforts? Do you have professionals in place to handle a multimedia marketing campaign in a digital landscape and support your branding efforts when needed?

Getting Best Results from a Digital Agency

Digital marketing involves expertise in a multi-channeled approach.

If you cannot answer with a resounding "Yes" to these questions, hiring a digital marketing agency is probably a smart move on your part. LinkedIn's "5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency" notes in this regard: "An agency will provide specific expertise in campaign development and analytics so that the project will get done faster and done significantly better." That may be why Gartner reports that up to 50 percent of digital marketing activities are now being outsourced.

How Digital Marketing Agencies Provide Benefit

There are a number of ways that a digital marketing agency can help you succeed with marketing in this millennium. Taking the opening questions one at a time, consider what a good digital agency can offer your business in the following areas:

1) SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization is an ever-changing game. A look at the way SEO has evolved reveals that the search algorithms change often, largely in an effort to improve user experience for searchers. Things like keyword choice and density today involve a more nuanced strategy than ever before.

A good digital agency can help you identify the best search phrases to use for your business. Additionally, an agency can provide input on the correct density of keywords in your content, helping you optimize your search page rank without compromising the high quality of your content for readers.

2) Leveraging the Power of Social Media

Quick! How many social media platforms can you name in three seconds? You might think of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest. But did you think about Instagram, or the myriad other social media platforms that may be relevant to your target audience?

A good digital marketing agency can help you determine which social media platforms appeal to your target audience, and manage focused marketing across all the chosen social media channels. This means that a digital agency can help you craft campaigns that put your brand message front and center in all the places that your target audience likes to hang out online and keep it there.

3) Help with PPC

Pay-per-click advertising can be a costly experience for your company if you do not have a PPC expert on board. Because the bidding for desirable search phrases can be quite fierce, it is important to understand what role PPC should play in your overall digital strategy.

Recent changes in Google AdWords are likely to increase the costs of PPC advertising for a time, as bidding becomes more competitive. Digital marketing professionals can help you identify where you should be allocating your budget and where your PPC efforts are paying off.

4) Boosting the Power of Your Content Marketing

How is your website performing in terms of traffic and conversions? Your website must be more than just a digital calling card. Your website is the foundation of your brand and your marketing strategy as well.

By ensuring responsive design for your website and performing continuous A/B testing of your landing pages, a good digital marketing agency maximizes your mobile presence. Your website will be functional, aesthetically pleasing, and capable of generating leads and prompting conversion.

Getting Results from your Digital Agency

Consistent A/B testing helps digital marketing agencies to optimize your landing pages.

A digital marketing agency also specializes in providing stage-appropriate offers tied to relevant content at every stage of the customer journey, prompting higher conversion rates and giving you more bang for your marketing buck.

5) An Integrated Multimedia Approach

Additionally, a digital agency can work with you to ensure that your blog packs a punch with prospects. With suggestions for relevant content and high-quality back links, digital marketing pros integrate all your marketing efforts across all mediums, supporting your branding efforts at every turn. This integrated marketing approach gives your brand the best possible chance in your market by leveraging every bit of marketing power available in your behalf.

B2C's "Should You Outsource or Do Your Own Digital Marketing" notes that partnering with a digital marketing agency helps you to achieve tighter integration, saying: "For best results, a marketing program should have offline tactics that support digital campaigns and vice versa. It requires close coordination to get your message out via social media, forums, blogs, print, and advertising."

The level of marketing integration a good digital agency provides is cost-effective, labor-saving, and yields a positive ROI for your organization. What could be better than that? To take advantage of all a digital marketing agency can offer, contact us today. Our partnership with you starts by providing a comprehensive assessment of your current marketing strategy. Then, we will put our inbound marketing expertise to work for you by building on that strategy and amplifying your results. Why wait another minute? Get started today.

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