Instagram most popular among teens, but Snapchat is catching up

November 5, 2015

According to PiperJaffray's latest report on the preferences of American teens, Instagram continues to rise in popularity among young internet users. In the Fall 2015 edition of the survey, 33 percent of U.S. teens chose Instagram as their personal number 1, up from just 12 percent in 2012. Instagram's rise comes at the expense of Facebook and Twitter who were chosen by 14 and 20 percent of the respondents, respectively.

Instagram isn't the only platform challenging Facebook and Twitter for teenagers' love and attention: Snapchat is also on the rise and eclipsed Facebook in popularity among U.S. teens for the first time in the most recent edition of the bi-annual survey.

Why Marketers should pay attention to the trends

When Facebook first launched it was exclusive to college students, but when it opened to the public, its use grew like wildfire. To see where the market is going, it's often informative to see what the younger generation is doing and paying attention to, and what they're giving a pass to.

With Facebook opening up its robust advertising platform to Instagram this fall, marketers have a wealth of advertising opportunities available on both of these important networks. But in my opinion, the biggest opportunities lie with authentic, organic use of the platforms. Let's all take a cue from these great brands using Instagram to its full potential, Nike and Warby Parker.     

Infographic: U.S. Teens Love Instagram | Statista


What Say You?

What are your favorite brands using Instagram? What social accounts do you see rising among youth?

We'd love to read and respond to your comments below.

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