How Long Should Your Webinar Be?

October 29, 2015

The best enterprises know that creating leads online requires multiple mediums. This is why so many of today's tech-savvy businesses rely upon webinars; there's simply no better way to be viewed as an expert, trusted resource and high-value influencer than having a well-attended webinar. So, how do you make sure your webinar is long enough to empower its audience, but not so long that your message is lost?

The majority of webinars fall within 60 minutes, with some going as long as 90 minutes. While there is no hard and fast rule on length, it's important to completely cover your topic and leave at least 10 to 15 minutes at the end for questions and answers.

Ultimately, your webinar length will be determined by the topic you're covering and the audience you're appealing to. To help keep you on track, here are some suggestions on breaking up your audience and content into manageable chunks.



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1. Defining and Segmenting Your Audience

Companies typically appeal to different customer personas. Clearly defining and grouping your audience into various personas will ensure you're covering all your bases. It will also allow you to allocate a different time for different segments and topics while helping you to break up your webinar in 10 to 15-minute chunks, each one devoted to a different customer persona.

2. Generating Leads Online Through Social Media

There's another, more important reason you have to segment your target audience; creating separate video segments will allow you to send focused content to different personas and followers on social media. You can then create a separate title and a different call-to-action for each.

These separate video segments can be sent to all those who attended your webinar or to those unable to attend. If you need help editing your video, then a digital marketing agency can help. Either way, you'll be incentivizing different customer personas to move forward by appealing to them through a unique call-to-action.

3. Using an Online Stopwatch and Content Billboard

Itemize each of those aforementioned 10-15 minute segments on a clearly-visible billboard. Use bullet points to make sure you capture vital points for each customer persona. Next, use an online stopwatch to make sure you're not going over your allotted time for each segment.

It's easy to get lost and focus too much on one topic or subject to the detriment of others. After all, it's hard to stop when you're on a roll and making valid, well-constructed points. However, doing that invariably means you'll lose some of your audience. A highly-visible online stopwatch and content billboard are important visual cues that will keep you on track during your webinar.

4. Performing a Trial Run and Reviewing Critical Points

Does it make sense to go through a trial run, one where you make sure you're on track throughout your live webinar? It does. In fact, it's a good idea to have someone poke holes in your approach and content in order to provide constructive feedback. While you don't have to go through an entire 60-minute trial run, it's important that you are well prepared to cover all your topics and easily able to segue into different topics.



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5. Creating High-Value Questions and Answers

It's critical that you have a ready-made list of questions and answers. Granted, your audience will likely come through with questions of their own. However, sometimes they need to be prompted into asking those questions, so be prepared to guide them along in the process. This also helps you to make sure you're well prepared to answer the most common questions your audience will have.

Webinars create excitement. They allow you to create a high-volume of low-cost online leads. They work because today's consumer is looking for more than just a product. In the end, they're looking for the kind of insight only you can provide. Contact us to learn more about how to plug into the power of webinars.


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