What's the Value of Participating in Webinar Live vs Viewing It Later?

October 26, 2015

Webinars are an excellent way to generate business leads. They allow you to showcase a core competency while also helping you to be viewed as that all-important and all-knowledgeable market leader. However, what good is a webinar if potential prospects aren't engaged, aren't participating and aren't attending it live?

Unfortunately, there are far too many people who prefer not to attend a live webinar. Most, if not all of these individuals, forgo the opportunity due to scheduling conflicts. Others prefer only viewing specific segments afterwards. They see this as a time saver; picking and choosing specific webinar segments is often easier than having to sit through an elongated presentation.



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Digital Marketing Strategies Must Focus on Increasing Customer Engagement

Your company must put a proactive plan together that incentivizes live webinar attendance. Increased engagement is critical in digital marketing. Granted, this is often much easier said than done, or is it? Surprisingly, there are some simple and straightforward approaches to increasing live attendance. Here are some strategies to help you do just that.

1. Aggressively Market the Question and Answer Portion of the Webinar

Too many companies market the wrong part of their webinar. Yes, the content and subject matter are important. However, the most important part is how participants can ask direct questions, ones that help them better understand a given strategy or approach.

Be sure to split up the webinar into different segments, including segments that include a Q&A session. Most importantly, make sure your prospects understand that they won't have to wait until the end to have their questions answered.

Instead of focusing on your content, focus on what your viewers can ask, how they can learn, and most importantly, how they can grow by attending your live webinar. For instance, a market influencer that's viewed as an expert in his or her field must be marketed as a can't-miss opportunity. Your viewers have to feel a sense of excitement knowing they'll have real and immediate answers to live questions.

2. Promote Live Attendance Benefits

You must be willing to compensate those who decide to attend the webinar live with a benefit or reward, one that complements the content you're providing and one that your prospects consider a must-have.

Focus on your specific market. What is the one thing your customers and prospects all want and need? Find out what that is and give it to them for free. It can be as simple as a drawing for a prize, sending a whitepaper or some other form of perceived-valued content, or a discount.

Regardless of what it is, make it a point to appeal to exactly what your specific customers in your specific market want, need and value. Next, aggressively promote that freebie as a condition of live attendance.



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3. Create a Customer Compensation Plan

Promote it as an exclusive event by using a reward plan, one where the more live webinars your customers and prospects attend, the bigger their discount on future purchases. Be creative and stick to a plan where live attendance is highly rewarded. Come up with your own digital reward card.

You can then remind customers and prospects of how much they've accrued in their account simply by attending your live webinars. This can then be combined with your email marketing campaigns and newsletters so that customers are always interested in their accrued amount, and always aware of when that next can't-miss webinar will be held. This increases your click-through rates on email campaigns while also increasing customer engagement.

Ultimately, your success comes from being able to market to both segments. While you want to increase live attendance, you should also focus on reaching out to those customers unable to attend. Just make sure all of your prospects are aware of the added benefits of live attendance.

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